Editorial Board

Editorial Board of High Temperature journal

  • Vladimir E. Fortov–editor-in-chief (Academician of RAS)
  • Eduard E. Son–deputy editor-in-chief (Academician of RAS)
  • Anna N. Kireeva–executive editor-in-chief (Cand. sci., eng.), staff editor (8(495)362 07 88, tvt@iht.mpei.ac.ru)

Plasma Department

Vyacheslav. M. Batenin (Corr. member of RAS)
Lev G. D’yachkov (Dr. sci., phys.-math.)
Mario Capitelli (Bari, Italy, Laurea Honoris Causa of RAS)
Yurii A. Lebedev (Dr. sci., phys.-math.)
Oleg F. Petrov (Acad. of RAS)
Oleg A. Sinkevich (Dr. sci., phys.-math.)
Valentin P. Smirnov (Acad. of RAS)
Alexandr L. Khomkin (Dr. sci., phys.-math.)

Department of Thermophysical Properties of Materials

Igor' A. Abrikosov (Dr. sci., phys.-math.)
Satish C. Gupta (Dr., Mumbai, India)
Igor’ L. Iosilevskii (Dr. sci., phys.-math.)
Genadii I. Kanel (Corr. member of RAS)
Nail' F. Kashapov (Dr. sci., eng.)
Igor V. Lomonosov (Dr. sci., phys.-math.)
Vladimir V. Roshchupkin (Dr. sci., eng.)

Department of Heat and Mass Transfer and Physical Gasdynamics

Alexandr A. Avdeev (Dr. sci., eng.)
Alexey Yu. Varaksin (Corr. member of RAS)
Alexandr I. Leontiev (Acad. of RAS)
Alexandr N. Pavlenko (Corr. member of RAS)
Boris G. Pokusaev (Dr. sci., eng.)
Sergey T. Surzhikov (Academician of RAS)
Oleg N. Favorskii (Acad. of RAS)
Genadii A. Filippov (Acad. of RAS)
Sergey G. Cherkasov (Dr. sci., phys.-math.)
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