Question: Is High Temperature Journal included in databases, such as SCOPUS, WoS, EBSCO, RSCI, etc.?

Answer: Yes.

Q.: What is the regularity of HT Journal?

A.: Journal has six issues in a year, i.e. one issue in two months.

Q.: Does HT Journal have RSCI and impact factor?

A.: Yes, current values (for the previous year) are presented on the main page of the journal’s site.

Q.: Do naturally English articles appear in Russian version?

A.: No, all originally Russian-language articles appear in Russian version and, after translation, in English version. All originally English articles are published only in English version of the Journal.

Q.: Is there any fee for publication in High Temperature Journal?

A.: No, publication of all the articles in High Temperature Journal is absolutely free.

Q.: Does an article with so and so title or in so and so theme fit the scope of the Journal?

A.: The scope of the Journal is in general stated here http://energy.ihed.ras.ru/en/. If you have any doubts whether your manuscript fits the scope, you need to send your manuscript (full) to the Editorial office asking to inform you, if it fits the scope. It is impossible to identify whether an article fits the scope of the Journal or not based on the title, keywords, or scientific fields of an article.

Q.: How long does the reviewing take?

A.: The standart time for reviewing is one month. If a manuscript requires certain corrections and the following review the second review (and each next one) is prepared in two---three weeks.

Q.: What does it mean, the article is accepted for publication?

A.: An article is accepted then and only then, after it has received at least one positive review, was considered by the Editorial Board of the Journal and accepted for publication. The article is not accepted after only receiving a positive review (or reviews).

Q.: How can authors know the article is accepted?

A.: Authors can find the status of their article in the personal office on the page of the article (mathnet.ru/en), or authors can ask Editorial Office on the phone or via e-mail.

Q.: How soon can an article be published in the Journal?

A.: An article can be published only after it has received a positive review, has been accepted for publication at the Editorial Board meeting and edited. All articles, accepted for publication, are published in the order based on their submission date. Short communications and reviews are published as soon as they are ready (reviewed, accepted, and edited).

On the website of the Journal and on the Mathner.ru/en, information about new issue appear 2–2.5 months earlier, than in e-libraries and databases.