Thermophysical Properties of Materials
2008. V. 46. № 6. P. 800–810
Vora A.M.
Electrical transport properties of some liquid metals
In the present article, we report the electrical transport properties, namely, the electrical resistivity ($\rho$), the thermoelectric power (TEP) ($\alpha$), and the thermal conductivity ($\sigma$) of several monovalent, divalent and polyvalent liquid metals of the different groups of the periodic table on the basis of model potential formalism. The well known empty core model (EMC) potential of Ashcroft is used for the first time with seven local field correction functions proposed by Hartree (H), Hubbard-Sham (HS), Vashishta–Singwi (VS), Taylor (T), Ichimaru–Utsumi (IU), Farid et al. (F) and Sarkar et al. (S) in the present computation and found suitable for such study. In the calculation of these properties, we have used the values of the theoretical structure factors due to hard core fluid theory. It is concluded that the comparisons of present and theoretical or experimental findings, wherever they exist, are highly encouraging.
Article reference:
Vora A.M. Electrical transport properties of some liquid metals, High Temp., 2008. V. 46. № 6. P. 800