Heat and Mass Transfer and Physical Gasdynamics
2016. V. 54. № 3. P. 338–343
Vinogradov V.E., Pavlov P.A.
Limit superheating of stretched liquid
Investigation of explosive vaporization with pulse heating of an extended liquid in a pressure range of from $-10$ tо $+0.1$ МPа revealed regimes when bubbles occur by the homogeneous fluctuation nucleation mechanism. These regimes are distinguished by a great phase transformation rate and a nucleation concentration at the moment of the attainment of a certain liquid temperature. This metastable liquid temperature is found to be the highest and is estimated by coordinates of the liquid–vapor spinodal. The kinetics of cavitation and boiling is investigated by disturbance of the heat flux of a miniature, fast-heated wire sensor. The extended liquid pressure near the sensor was set by the method of the positive pressure pulse inversion. Experimental results are generalized with application of explosive vaporization theory for the impact boiling regime at positive pressures.
Article reference:
Vinogradov V.E., Pavlov P.A. Limit superheating of stretched liquid, High Temp., 2016. V. 54. № 3. P. 338